Our story

atelier visar aout 2016 2 web2008: Visar Europe is launched by Daniel Pitton and Olivier Kleynen.

Daniel Pitton, who had been searching for an effective sorting system for several years, comes across the research and development work done by Olivier Kleynen in his Belgium-based company Visar Sprl. As no system on the market responds to the needs of carrot producers, they decide to work together to industrialise and commercialise the future optical sorting system Sortop Carrots.

In order to build the first prototype, an assembly workshop and a technical office, along with a team of engineers and technicians, are brought together in Oppens, Switzerland.

2010: The first production line is installed in Yverdon in collaboration with Stoll Frères SA, producer of 6000 tons of carrots a year.

After conclusive and very promising test results, several installations are started up in Switzerland in 2010 and 2011. During these years, the system is improved and made reliable, and is now exported to carrot producers across the world.

2015: Visar creates the potato sorter based on the same successful concept as the carrot sorter.

2107: New dimension for Visar Europe which is now called Visar Sorting. The success of the projects conducted since 2010 in Switzerland and abroad confirms the company's status as a manufacturer of reliable industrial machines. Visar Sorting also stands out for its superior service quality in project leading, maintenance and diverse integration services, hence the added "Swiss Made" label on its logo. Renowned resellers now trust Visar Sorting and offer the optical sorter Sortop in their assortment.

Who's who?

Daniel-Pitton     Olivier-Kleynen small 
Daniel Pitton - Founding partner
Sales manager
  Olivier Kleynen - Founding partner
Technical manager



 Arnaud-Nydegger    Axel-Wittwer    Campbell-Greinig

Arnaud Nydegger
3D drawing and integration



Axel Wittwer
Mechanic and automation



Campbell Greinig
Mechanic and automation


Pierry-Aubert   Florian Gachet   Guillaume-Pahud

Pierry Aubert
R&D, 3D conception



Florian Gachet
IT and marketing



Guillaume Pahud
Projects manager and sales


Joel-Guillaume   Joelle-Pitton   Laurent-Rosado

Joël Guillaume
Engineering and automation



Joëlle Pitton
Administration and finances



Laurent Rosado
Production manager


Melanie-Eisenhoffer   Muhamed-Dedic   Olivier-Quellet

Mélanie Eisenhoffer



Muhamed Dedic
Logistic and production



Olivier Quellet



Patrick Pitton
Engineering and automation